About Dairy Fairy Ice Cream

I have always loved Ice cream and to me, the taste is like childhood holidays to Cornwall, sand in your toes, clotted cream and sunshine. One mouthful and I’m back there.

For a long time, I had had this idea but was worried about letting go of the career branch.

Then a great friend spotted a conversion of a horse box now selling cheese on George Clarke’s amazing spaces and I knew instantly that was it!

I wanted to recreate that carefree, hazy, summer feeling, and take it on the road, spreading the Ice cream love.

Finding the right horse box was a challenge, I wanted something vintage and unique, that would sit perfectly with our amazing Ice cream.

After much searching we found the perfect Rice horse trailer sitting in a field gathering moss. Our trailer is pre 1964 with lots of original features which I fell in love with. She was a little worse for wear but with a lot of love and attention was given a new lease of life as Dairy Fairy Ice cream!

Lovingly restored and converted, the fantastic team at Evo Vehicle Conversions were able to fit her with a bespoke holdover chiller and lidded freezer, enabling power to be stored overnight and scooping to take place anywhere, anytime, any place.

Hyndburn Commercials have done an amazing job of the paintwork creating a gorgeous neopolitan look, completed by Steve Whittle superb handpainted signwriting.

The result is totally unique, stand out beautiful and looks amazing at any event.

For more information please visit our contact page or telephone Debbie on 07775 435730