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We are Dairy Fairy Ice cream and we scoop from a converted vintage Rice horse trailer. Its taken time. The result is unique and totally beautiful and, like the ice cream we serve, is a feast for the senses.

Our Ice Cream

We offer a selection of creamy, gooey scoops of scrumptiousness. Ice cream bliss melting on your tongue and sometimes your chin. A mouthful of utopia (okay, icecream brings out the romantic in us!).
Still, it’s pleasure on your palate


Available for weddings, (see the romantic line above), festivals (where there is ice cream, there’s a party) events, shows and pretty much anywhere that brings people together in a cloud of ice cream.
Its what we do.
Its who we are.
Its what we love.
Eat more Ice cream.


Dairy Fairy Ice Cream, Tarnbeck Drive, Mawdesley, Ormskirk, L40 2RU

Tel. 07775 435730 or email deb@dairyfairy.org.uk